Thursday, 28 August 2014


We are learning to write a quiz for others to answer,

*What is the name of the Tallest Mountain in the World?

*True or False? David killed a Giant with a small rock.

*  What is the name of the person who climbed the tallest Mountain in the world.

1. Mount Everest
3. Sir Edmund Hillary

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Sir Edmund Hillary

In C.R.E Today we talked about  Sir Edmund Hillary. He Climbed the tallest Mountain in the World. Mount Everest. Ed did not climb the Mountain all on his own, he climbed up the Mountain with a friend. In Joshua Chapter 1 verse 9 it says
"I have commanded you to be determined and confident!
Don't be afraid or discouraged for I, the Lord your God,  am with you wherever you  go".

Friday, 8 August 2014

Hooked in Hockey

The Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games has come to an end. Athletes train almost all year round to compete. They travel around the world taking part in many competitions ,challenging tough competitors. It is Common for athletes to have a trainer or a Coach, and sometimes they live in Academies. They need to stick to strict diets and  eat foods that condition their bodies for the sports they participate in.
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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Being a good role model

Today in C.R.E we talked about Wynton Rufer.He is a Football player.He went to a football game and he met this girl named Lisa. Wynton wanted to go out with her. So then they got married, and now Wynton is a Coach for the WYNRS.
Work hard at whatever you do..
Ecclsiates chapter 9 verse 10

Punctuating a paragraph

“Go!” yelled dad he was yelling at the T.V while watching the Boxing during the Commonwealth Games. Dad was watching very intensely. David Nyika looked strong. boom his opponent was knocked to the ground. “Hooray” we all shouted David won gold, he is a champion. Wow I thought “I want to be a Boxer when i grow up”.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Jacko Gill

Jacko Gill is a man that is in the Commonwealth  Games.  He is participating in athletics. Jacko is from Takapuna, New Zealand.
He is nine-teen years of age. Jackos family was involved in Athletics and would have their own sports Day. Jacko eventually quit high school in order to focus on his athletics career.  He won the 2011 Halberg Award for Emerging Talent.

Friday, 1 August 2014


Today in C.R.E we were talking about Peter Snell.
Peter Snell is a Famous New Zealand Runner. He was retired when he was only 25. Peter Snell was retired because he went to university to teach other people how to be a good Athlete.

Here is a picture of me and what i made in C.R.E.