Wednesday, 29 October 2014

How to be a successful Pt England Student

Do you know any clue of being a successful Point England Student?
At Point England School we have  reminders of what students have to do, so that they reach their goals. I will give you three big main ideas about how to be a successful Pt Englander.

I will start off on the topic of ‘ Being Polite’. Being Polite means to use your manners and be kind to others. For example : You are walking , someone accidentally pushed you over, you do not have to get angry at them so much just say watch your step or thats alright i’m fine thanks.  Being Polite to others may make them more happy and feel safe.

Second of all will Be to use your W.I.T.S. WITS is an Korero at Pt England School. ‘W’ Stands for ‘Walk away’. If someone is teasing you or bullying you, you just walk away. ‘I’ stands for ‘Ignore it’.
Ignore it means to ignore people that are just being mean to you and back stabbing you. ‘T’ is for ‘Talk about it’ Talk about it its like you're in an argument and you don’t know how to solve it you will have to talk about it and tell a teacher if not just talk about it. Last Letter ‘S’. It stands for ‘Seek Help. Its really important to seek help. It can do for your work, homework something you find is difficult and you can’t do it.

The third topic is ‘Be sensible’. Be sensible means to behave yourself. Behaving yourself is something that most children cannot do. Most children misbehave when they have a Reliever.
Misbehaving may lead into something like punishments and going on Detention.

So remember to Be Polite to others, Use your W.I.T.S and Be Sensible.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Use my brain, Use my heart, I'm going to be Cybersmart

Use My brain use my heart I'm going to be cyber smart.
Have you ever heard of those words before?  At Pt England
It is a Korero to remind students to use their brain on-line and think first before they say or do something.  

Use My Brain-
Using your brain is one main thing that all people should use. Especially when online you should use your brain. Using your brain will have to be not to send nasty emails to your friends, Giving positive comments not bad comments on someone else’s Blogs. For example if you give a negative comment about other peoples work on their blogs it will stay there and that’s not using your brain.

Using My heart-
Use your heart means to give your best in everything you do.  Give a go at something you are not good at and  be brave.  Also to use your heart and give 100% in everything you do.

Cyber smart-
Cyber smart means to be to use your brain with your work. For example: you get an dirty nasty mail from someone and you reply to it that is not being cyber smart.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

This Presentation is about an illustrator Ali Teo. I hope you Enjoy.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Time in a Week

This Week we've been learning about time. We had to work out how much time ( minutes) we spent brushing our teeth, at school, watching T.V and playing outside. Here is my pie graph that shows you how much time i spend on each activity.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Punctuating Paragraph

oh man i don’t want to go back to school the term holidays flew by so quickly and just when i was having fun the first week was spent sleeping in cleaning and doing chores but the best part was going to rainbows end for night rides

“Oh man I don’t want to go back to School”. The term holidays flew by so quickly and just when I was having fun the first week was spent. Sleeping in, cleaning and doing chores. But the best part was going to Rainbows end for night rides.

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Art Attack

Our inquiry this term is called 'Art Attack'. Here is my title card and three questions that i hope to find answers for.

1. What do artists do when they make a mistake with paint.

2. Who are the four famous artists in Spain.

3. Where do artists take their painting when they are finished.