Thursday, 27 March 2014

My weekend

Two weeks ago i went down Hamilton with my cousins and my nephew. It took us 2 and a half hours to get there by car. We were only going for two days and one night. My mum packed some Chips, Juice, and some Cookie time to eat on our way there incase we get hungry.

So when we were ready my Dad drove the car, I sat at the back seat by myself while my Sister Ramonadel and Raelene sit in the front with my Nephew Scottsdale.

On our way there it was getting dark so then i got my Mum’s pillow and started sleeping. After a While the car stopped i sat up and looked what was happening and my Dad said”Don't worry girls its just the traffic.”Then i replied” What do you mean traffic we are in a Motorway” My Dad said” Its because they are fixing the road”. So then i just looked out the window and all you could see are cars lights shining.
We followed My Uncle the whole way through and we arrived there at 9:30pm.

When we arrived we had dinner and Played games. We played Zombie games on the PS3, but then we were feeling a bit tired. So me my sister and my cousin Heather went and got the mattress and started to fall asleep.

The next morning My mum woke me up cause we were leaving in half an hour. So then i woke up had a shower got changed and played with Heather and my Nephew after we played we had some Cereal and fed the dog with some bread. After that we sayed goodbye to my Cousin Lenna and then we left to go home. On our way home we stopped bye Pokeno to get some fish and chips and have some ice cream

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Dictogloss week 8

The sun Shone brightly as we walked quickly to our swimming lessons. I was feeling exhausted from the brisk walk. As i dipped my toes in the glistening water, i felt a cold jolt run up my leg. I quickly dove into the pool and i felt refreshed as if the day behind me had disappeared.

Reflection: I think i done really well today.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Butterfly life-cycle

Dictagloss Recount

Voice Recorder >>

“its camp today!”i shouted excitedly. As i was making my way to school, I could tell it would be an beautiful day.” Have you packed everything” asked Mum “I’m pretty sure i have “i replied. Mum was excited just as i was.However i was nervous at the same time how about if i forgotten something. I was looking forward for camp ever since my teacher told me weeks ago.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Picnic 2014

Picnic 2014 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

What makes a good friend.

Today i will be telling you What makes a good friend. A good friend is someone who is Trustworthy. Trustworthy means if your friend tells you a secret which you are not to go and tell anybody her secret she told you, or else if you go and tell somebody your friend will not trust you anymore.

Another way for being a good friend is being Caring. If your best friend was sick or got hurt, you will go and take her to the ‘Sick Bay’ and make her/him warm. Caring is a good way to make a good friend. Also Being a good friend is being Honest, if you are not Honest your friend will not like you, For example if you stole your friends headphones and your friend asks you “ Do you know where are my headphones that were on the table” , Then you replied”no”, But you do have it thats not being a good friend. So then you should go talk to your friend that you took her headphones and apologize to your friend. Then your friend might want to play or just talk to each other.

Thats how you be a good friend By being Trustworthy, Loving and caring.