Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Solving Problems.

WALT: solve problems using multiplication and division strategies.

Beware Pt England For Winter is coming !

WALT:  write a news style report.
Winter season is heading our way. We have a lot of fun things and we also do have to remember to keep ourselves warm.

This report is about the season ‘Winter’, and also some tips for you to go to school every day during winter and not to be lazy.

So it is almost the time of the year that I have been waiting for Winter! It is the season where it is very cold and windy. In Auckland it brings really bad storms and bad weather. Sometimes the Sun likes to show itself but most of the time it hides.

This means for Pt Englanders Bad luck because most students at Pt England School walk to school. They are affected because they would not feel like coming to school because of the rain.

It is important to come to school even though it is raining. The rain does not stop you from coming to school you can just wear extra layers and keep warm. Alisha a student who goes to Pt England School says this “ People should just get over it , it’s raining the rain won’t hurt you”.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Problem Solving

WALT: Solve problems using multiplication and division strategies.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Interviewing Mama Pig

WALT: write a news style report.
“We here with mama pig”.
“Mama Pig how do you feel that you let children go?”
I feel like I should’ve not let them go for i have the loss of two children I feel I made wrong decision and feel like really want to get them back.”

“Would you invite back your oldest child to come back and live with you again?” Yes I would definitely want him to come back, if not i would love to go live with him in his house because it’ll be a waste building his house”.

“Okay Thank you for joining me today I hope you have a wonderful time spent with your oldest son.”

Liam's Interview

WALT: Find proof of the authors message.

“So we have a new contestant on the show today”. “He is a Game freak i believe and only is 11 years of age”. “Everybody welcome Liam”!

“ So hey Liam what are your thought on about the Christ-church Earthquake that happened 2011?”.
“Well you see i really hate sad news about countries and people to be honest i feel sad for them and i really you feel for them”.

“Wonderful so what about if an Earthquake hit your city what would it mean to you?”.
“ It’ll mean so bad like i will so, so sad and unhappy and i probably will honestly forget about my Computer games and just worry if parents and my family”.

“How would you react in an earthquake”.
“ I will react as if i'm dead, it’s literally so much pressure. I mean there was an earthquake and you don’t know if family at home or work are okay you’re trapped under something and screaming help it’ll feel really heart breaking for me”.

“Okay thank you for joining me today on my show Liam you have a great day!”.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Terry's Interview

WALT: find  proof of the authors message

Welcome back!
Today we have an new guest on the show I welcome him to you all.

“There's an interview today with  this boy whose name is Terry, he is like addicted to Computer Games . He’s about 12- 14 years age i guess. So lets welcome  Terry everybody!”.

“So hey Terry, What are your feelings about the Nepal Earthquake”. “ Well i feel really you know emotional and sad kind of feeling and i hope they get the mess all clear and they will be safe and happy soon”.

“Okay... and what about if an Earthquake hit your city. What would be your reaction”? I will feel really sad and i think wouldn't be able to talk that much and wouldn't even worry about Computer Games and just wondering if my mother is fine and safe and it’ll just be and unhappy, unsafe feeling.

“Amazing and What would you do to help out Nepal”.
“Well I'd probably just do some sort of fundraiser and donate some money to help with building their new buildings and yeah”.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Adorable Pandas

WALT: how to manipulate sentences structures for more effect.

1. The adorable Pandas sleeps peacefully.
2. The adorable Pandas peacefully sleeps
3. Peacefully sleeps the adorable Pandas
4. Sleeps peacefully the adorable Pandas.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Mr Wiseman's Baby

WALT: Write a lead paragraph of a news report.
In Auckland, Glen Innes New Zealand at Pt England school, senior teacher Mr Wiseman has recently been off from school ever since last week. Due to the birth of his new born baby girl Aylah.