Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Beware Pt England For Winter is coming !

WALT:  write a news style report.
Winter season is heading our way. We have a lot of fun things and we also do have to remember to keep ourselves warm.

This report is about the season ‘Winter’, and also some tips for you to go to school every day during winter and not to be lazy.

So it is almost the time of the year that I have been waiting for Winter! It is the season where it is very cold and windy. In Auckland it brings really bad storms and bad weather. Sometimes the Sun likes to show itself but most of the time it hides.

This means for Pt Englanders Bad luck because most students at Pt England School walk to school. They are affected because they would not feel like coming to school because of the rain.

It is important to come to school even though it is raining. The rain does not stop you from coming to school you can just wear extra layers and keep warm. Alisha a student who goes to Pt England School says this “ People should just get over it , it’s raining the rain won’t hurt you”.


  1. Hi Inez

    Good work and great writing I love it keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Inez
    Nice work ! Especially the part about me, just joking. Great work keep it up