Monday, 18 May 2015

Liam's Interview

WALT: Find proof of the authors message.

“So we have a new contestant on the show today”. “He is a Game freak i believe and only is 11 years of age”. “Everybody welcome Liam”!

“ So hey Liam what are your thought on about the Christ-church Earthquake that happened 2011?”.
“Well you see i really hate sad news about countries and people to be honest i feel sad for them and i really you feel for them”.

“Wonderful so what about if an Earthquake hit your city what would it mean to you?”.
“ It’ll mean so bad like i will so, so sad and unhappy and i probably will honestly forget about my Computer games and just worry if parents and my family”.

“How would you react in an earthquake”.
“ I will react as if i'm dead, it’s literally so much pressure. I mean there was an earthquake and you don’t know if family at home or work are okay you’re trapped under something and screaming help it’ll feel really heart breaking for me”.

“Okay thank you for joining me today on my show Liam you have a great day!”.

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