Friday, 8 May 2015

Terry's Interview

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Welcome back!
Today we have an new guest on the show I welcome him to you all.

“There's an interview today with  this boy whose name is Terry, he is like addicted to Computer Games . He’s about 12- 14 years age i guess. So lets welcome  Terry everybody!”.

“So hey Terry, What are your feelings about the Nepal Earthquake”. “ Well i feel really you know emotional and sad kind of feeling and i hope they get the mess all clear and they will be safe and happy soon”.

“Okay... and what about if an Earthquake hit your city. What would be your reaction”? I will feel really sad and i think wouldn't be able to talk that much and wouldn't even worry about Computer Games and just wondering if my mother is fine and safe and it’ll just be and unhappy, unsafe feeling.

“Amazing and What would you do to help out Nepal”.
“Well I'd probably just do some sort of fundraiser and donate some money to help with building their new buildings and yeah”.

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