Tuesday, 31 March 2015

How cool are Bottle Rockets?

WALT: Know that other people might take a different judgement from the same  information.

Description of Learning: Today we read a book called How cool are bottle rockets. To me bottle rockets are boring. You may like or love it but me i'm just not a fan. I hope you enjoy my presentation

Monday, 30 March 2015

Shark Day !!

Walt: know that other people might take a different judgement from the same information

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Camp !!

Have you ever been on a camp on your school field? Well last week something like that happened on our school field. Year 5’s and 6’s had a School Camp on the School field.

At Camp each student is put in a group. The names of the groups are Matapono E, The Commitments, True crew, Real Dealz and Honest Squad. We we’re given points each time we we’re sitting up, being quick getting our gear and being the best team. I was put in a group called ‘Honest Squad’. My Teacher was Miss Lavakula. The leaders for the team was Rosalina and TJ. We slept in tents. Some tents had three or two people sleeping in there. In my tent i slept with Sulieti and Loseli.

The first Activity that we done was sports. It didn't feel like sport it felt like free time we got to do some table tennis, basketball and roller skating while we were doing that Miss Lavakula played some music. I've got to say it was like Honest Squad hardly made noise while playing sports.
While i was  playing Basketball I saw Sulieti struggling with the roller-skates, she was like hugging the wall and laughing, because she was falling down. I was going to help her up but she was fine she said.

I will tell you the next thing that I enjoyed the most. Well I've got to say but what i enjoyed the most was ‘Kayaking’. So we headed down to the beach in our togs ready for kayaking. It was my first time doing kayaking because last year I didn't  come. We had two year eight boys who were able to demonstrate what we had to do. So I first went on a double Kayak with my friend Loseli. I was in front and she was at the back of the kayak. The person at the back has to do the same thing as the person in the front. I felt like i wanted to go on a single so then we had to get off and let other people on the double. I kept on crashing into other people’s kayak’s

Camp was so fun and i enjoyed all the fun activities that the teachers provided. I look forward on going on another camp.
I also think that I learnt some things during camp.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Omaru Creek

WALT: Write a detailed introduction with hook orientation.

Our polluted dirty creek. Years ago the creek was a nice place to play and swim in. But now that people have littered their rubbish and cigarettes in the creek, it has now made it dirty and yuck, and cannot be used to swim in. What can we do to help keep clean Omaru Creek.

Learning Description: Our task is to write a detailed introduction about Omaru Creek.