Friday, 24 October 2014

Use my brain, Use my heart, I'm going to be Cybersmart

Use My brain use my heart I'm going to be cyber smart.
Have you ever heard of those words before?  At Pt England
It is a Korero to remind students to use their brain on-line and think first before they say or do something.  

Use My Brain-
Using your brain is one main thing that all people should use. Especially when online you should use your brain. Using your brain will have to be not to send nasty emails to your friends, Giving positive comments not bad comments on someone else’s Blogs. For example if you give a negative comment about other peoples work on their blogs it will stay there and that’s not using your brain.

Using My heart-
Use your heart means to give your best in everything you do.  Give a go at something you are not good at and  be brave.  Also to use your heart and give 100% in everything you do.

Cyber smart-
Cyber smart means to be to use your brain with your work. For example: you get an dirty nasty mail from someone and you reply to it that is not being cyber smart.

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