Wednesday, 17 September 2014

School Cross Country 2014

 On 11th September  2014 was our School Cross Country. It was held on the school field but we ran on the Pt England Reserve.I was in Mataatua (Green). There are four house colours Takitimu ( Yellow ), Tinue ( Blue ), Te Aroha ( Red) and Mataatua (Green). When Mr Jacobsen announced for the year 5 girls to walk to the start line i could feel my heart racing.

“ On your Marks, get Set, go!!!”Yelled Mr Burt. I Started running. I passed Loseli but I knew she would catch up to me.  As i went out of the School Gate I saw Ms Rapold standing there pointing for us to turn right. So I ran and I turned right and there was Mr Barks, putting his hand up to give him a high five I saw my teacher Miss Lavakula she yelled “Come on, Inez.” It was so muddy the area where my teacher was standing.
I saw Olivia’s mum standing at one cone. She was directing us to which way to go. . So as I ran to my right I saw Mrs Williamson standing there taking photos as people ran passed her, “ No photo please.” I said as i passed her.

As i ran passed Mrs V She said” Come girls keep running.” So i did carry on running. I started jogging when i passed Mr Slade. It was a really long run and it was really hot. I saw Mr Goldstone standing at one cone telling us to don’t walk but jog. As I passed him Mrs Thompson was standing at the soccer post saying” Come on you’re almost there.” I ran up to Mr Sommerville and he asked me if i was a year 5 person. I nodded my head to say yes. As I went through the School gate I started running i tried my best to not stop, and I didn't. I heard Mr Jacobsen saying “ Wow, we've got a great finish here.” I thought to myself you are a Great Commentator Mr Jacobsen.  Mrs Vaafusuaga gave me a high five and said “ You did a great job Inez.”  

I think I did well in Cross Country this year. But i except myself to do more better next year.  

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