Monday, 8 December 2014

Ambassador Application for 2015

Talofa Lava my name is Inez. I live with my Parents, two older sisters Ramonadel and Sa and my older brother Grady. Sa is seventeen years of age, She works for Drake(DHL), Ramonadel is eleven and Grady is twenty-two years of age and also works for DHL.

I would love to be an Ambassador because think i am good at greeting visitors and making them feel welcome to our school. I think being an Ambassador will help me speak confidently in front of an audience. I love to say speeches in front of people. I am confident to be an Ambassador. I would love to represent Pt England School. I think I would be a wonderful and respectful Ambassador.  

Here is a Link that will take you to what i have Learnt, Create, and Shared.  I have learnt from this animation of what objects float or sink.

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