Friday, 24 April 2015

Immersion Assembly 2015 Term 2 - Tinkering Tools and Toys

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Do your teachers ever serve you some delicious snacks during Assembly?  Well of course something like that happened this morning and everyone was just sitting up for a yummy little pikolit pancake and other nice snacks. So serious and anxious just for a yummy snack.

While serving food team 1 ( which are the year 1’s ) their teachers presented a item. It was like about healthy eating, healthy bodies and healthy lunch. So then team also served some delicious sandwiches and some carrot sticks. After team 1 it was team 2’s item their one was like they dressed up as characters of Winnie the Pooh. Uh i think  the meaning to their item was probably to help each other.Team 3 dressed up like minions. Ms King presented a movie which told us that the years 4’s and 3’s are learning to make toys with the tools that they find around their classroom and at home. Team 4 (which are the year 5’s and 6’s ) the teachers presented a game. So it kind of was like a Mario Game but instead it was Mr Sommerville. His first enemy was Mr Backs. Mr Sommerville killed him. Next enemy was Miss Lavakula, He killed her, And his last enemy was Mrs Jacobsen she had a fish in her hand and and whacked Mr Somerville's sword and whacked him down ( it is all acting ).

So after all those wonderful presented items another one was heading our way. Mr Barks had this hovercraft. On it was a picture of a minion. So the first thing Mr Barks did was he demonstrated what he was going to do. So their was this whole in the front and at the back was some sort of whole i guess that pushes the air because he also had a leaf-blower. So he put the leaf blower through the front whole and asked Mr Sommerville to come over and do something. So Mr Sommerville sat on the hovercraft and it looked like he was a little in the air floating in the air and i’d tell you it looked like a lot fun.

So i guess it came to the end of our Immersion Assembly and each class headed back to their classrooms.

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