Friday, 26 June 2015

Super Mario!

WALT: write  effective paragraphs.
Well Hello Amigos and Welcome. Today i will be talking about a game that i think most of you know. ‘Super Mario World.  You can find this game on most game websites. It is an enjoyable, Frustrating and Fun game. So come on and lets have some fun time with Mario.  

The aim of this Super Mario World game is to try and pass each level.
By passing each level you must  try and avoid your enemies which are fat birds . You also have to try and collect the Yellow shining i think it helps you throughout the next level.

Mario is the main Character in this game, and has become a famous icon for the company Nintendo. He wears bright blue denim overalls and a red long sleeve top underneath.  A matching red hat, with a ‘M’ which stands for his name, glowing white gloves and shiny brown shoes. He jumps to collect coins and stars, and to dodge ugly evil little enemies.

The main controls of the game are the arrow keys on your keyboard. The arrow keys moves your Character to where you want it to go. To jump up you use the ‘^’ arrow key. Also if you jump on your enemy it will make them vanish.
Super Mario World can get super annoying when it comes to the part when you keep on dying and losing.

Description of learning: In this writing I learnt to write effective writing in silence. This task asked me to write effective writing about Super Mario World.

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