Thursday, 10 December 2015

Kawau Island / Camp Bentzon

Intro. Last week from the 17th - 20st of November the Year 6’s of Pt England School went on a camp to Kawau Island / Camp Bentzon. It was so fun i didn't really want to come back.

So on Tuesday morning (the first day of camp) the Year 6’s gathered in the hall, in their groups. There are four groups. Bentzon, Mansion, Kawau and Katz. All four groups are divided into two. Like for example there is ‘Bentzon A’ and Bentzon B. I was put into Mansion A. My team leaders we’re Rosalina and Emmanuel. Anyway, we gathered in the hall in our groups and our teachers called out a roll to make sure everyone was there and that no one is missing.
With excitement all the Year 6’s made there way onto the bus and I waved Goodbye to my mum.  On the bus i sat next to Talita’s mum, and at the back of us we’re Akosita and Lotu. In front of us is Mr Sommerville and William. On our way we passed the city and went pass houses in random places. To me it didn’t really take long to get  to the Wharf.

When we arrived at Camp Bentzon we first went on a Hike. I am being honest i disliked the hike. It was very tiring, my back hurted badly, especially because I was carrying my bag. I walked with Heather and Olivia. Way at the back of us was Miss Vaafusuaga with Loseli and Sulieti. We had  Alfa’s Dad walking behind us. It was pretty funny when we we’re walking because we almost fell over a rock and every time do we will laugh.

My favourite activity at camp was Sailing.  Sailing was the first activity that we done in the cold morning. Peter (our instructor) gave us important instructions that we needed to know before we go onto our sail. I chose to be a solo sailer which meant i sail by myself. Peter chose me to demonstrate to my group. First i chose my sail. I chose a blue one. After I chose my sail I hopped in it, it was scary because it was my first time. After I demonstrated to my  group we all went onto a sail and started sailing. Our target was Sammy (the big blue boat). Mr Goodwin and John (our group leader) we’re on Kayak’s and they would tell us when to turn around. Once everyone in our group was comfortable with sailing towards Sammy and back we went to the other side of the sea.
I pulled the rope till it was pretty tight and it went fast! I arrived there first with Mr Goodwin.

Camp was so fun at Kawau Island. I sort of miss it. I hope you enjoyed this piece of writing.

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