Friday, 17 March 2017

Polyfest trip.

On Thursday the 17th of March 2017, the year seven and eights of Point England School had the privilege of going to the ASB Polyfest. This was my first time going to a Polyfest. In the morning we departed from school in buses. I was put into a group of six. In my group was Olivia, Loseli, Anna, Sheena, and Ana L. Our parent that looked after us was Olivia’s father.

When we arrived there, we sat down in class lines and waited for a few college students. They were showing us around. She was our tour guide. While we awaited them we sang a few songs and played hand games. Our class tour guide then arrived. Her name was Sabrina, she was a student from Aorere College. We done a few workshops before we had gone out in our individual groups.

After we did our workshops Olivia’s dad ( Mr Vaevae ) bought us some milkshakes. We all got chocolate flavoured milkshakes except for Mr Vaevae he got a mixed berry milkshake.  After we bought our milkshakes we walked around looking for places that we didn’t have to pay any money for. We found a place that the flava radio were doing. They were doing free temporary tattoos that had there company name on it. Our groups all got ous on our right cheek. Except for Mr Vaevae because he had a beard so he couldn’t get it.

My favourite station ( i think that's what you call it ) was the ASB Digital Poi one. We got into a group of four and did swang the digital poi.

I think Polyfest is fun and cool. Although my group didn’t get to see any performances but the Diversity stage it was fun.

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