Friday, 9 June 2017

Why all education should be free...

All Education should be free

Education is a very important part our lives. Getting a proper education leads to success and a happy life. All around the world some adults, teenagers, and children’s goals in life are to get an education and succeed in life. Some people aren’t able to achieve that goal, because they can’t afford an education. Although it’s some people’s goals in life it should be everyone's. Without an education there are less opportunities for you in life.

Some children stay at home from school because they can’t afford an education. Often students are lucky enough to get free educations. That is why I think all education should be free.
Not only for children but for all those who need it.

So what do you think should all education be free?

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  1. Hi Inez.
    You have shared some very good points about education. I have to agree with you, education should be free.
    Well written post, Inez. Excellent work!
    Miss T.A