Thursday, 27 November 2014

Auckland Art Gallery

On Friday the  21st of November the Year 5’s (and some year 4’s) of Pt England School went on a trip to the Auckland Art Gallery. We went by bus.  It was so loud in the bus. We went to see different artists paintings. I was so excited to see how artist’s had painted their painting’s.

Once we had arrived there we sat in the front of the Art Gallery and waited for them to open the doors. We all just sat in front of the building talking. Once the doors had opened five girls came out of the door. There names are Mandy, Alice, Charlotte and Linda. The first room we went in was the Studio. We done some drawing and painting. We were given a cardboard jar to cut out. When we had finished cutting out our jars we were given instructions, to think of a story that you could draw. I was really nervous that my pictures would turn out horrible. It took a while for me to think of a story to draw about. After I finished drawing my pictures I started painting. I drew  pictures of my sister, my cousin and I playing basketball.

After a wonderful time in the studio we had our morning tea. We went outside  of the art gallery and had our morning tea. I sat next to Daniella, Lotu, Kura and Loseli. After I had my morning tea i went and put my rubbish in the bin and had a little play on the stairs. I heard someone say something about groups then i just remembered that i was in Alfa’s group.

When our lovely quiet morning tea had ended I went to the Learning  Center with my group.
It was so fun. I saw this projector,  and I made a shadow of myself. It made a pink out line of my body. We spent about nineteen minutes in there. Alfa’s Dad and Mrs TePania just sat down and watched us play around. The boys in our group (Alfa, Phaezon and David) just done cartwheels in front of the projector.

It was a lovely time in the Learning Center. Then we had moved on. We went upstairs to where outside the cafe. Me Daniella, Loseli, Phaezon, David and Alfa started to play tiggy. Mrs Tepania and Alfa we’re laughing at us cause we took a while to tag each other.

I felt really happy at the Auckland Art Gallery.  It was so fun. I hope you enjoyed my story.

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