Tuesday, 25 November 2014

How to be a good Friend

How would you be a good friend? This morning i will explain to you three main ideas about Good Friends.

The first topic i will be talking for you today is’ Support’. Supporting a friend is being a great friend. If you are there to support them they will be there to support you. There might be a bully in your class that bully’s you, you still support that person, even if he/she is mean to you.

Second topic will be based on Comforting your friend. Comforting means the same as look after. For example: If you’re friend is crying you go up to him/her and comfort them. But sometimes it may not work. Sometimes  your friend might be so anxious and say to you “Get away and leave me alone”. But it doesn’t matter at least you were there.

The fourth topic i will be talking about is  ‘Be Polite’. Being polite also means to use your manners. There are four topics that can relate to be polite. First one is to say ‘Thank you’, Second you say ‘ Please’, Third say ‘Excuse me’ and last you say there names.

So remember to always Support others, Comfort others and be polite to others. It may make their day even more happier.

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