Wednesday, 4 February 2015

My holiday Highlight

In the Holidays i went to my cousins 21st Birthday. Right on that day was also  my brothers birthday, but sadly he had to work. It happened at Gengys, Botany ( it was lunch). My cousin is a big fan of Naruto, and Naruto is like a hero to him. So the theme of his birthday is a Superhero. His Birthday was on the 24th of December.  

Early that morning on Tai’s birthday we went shopping for some costumes. First we went to G.I Mayfair Place. It was stink because like there was like hardly no costumes. So then once we couldn't find any costumes in G.I we went to the warehouse at Pakuranga. I didn't really know what costume to wear so i just like walked around and looked around.

Everyone has found their costumes but not me and my sister. So then we went home and my Parents just wore like normal nice clothes, my older sister Sa dressed up like an Egyptian.
I just wore nice clothes. Once everyone was ready, we hopped in the car and drove to the restaurant.

Once we arrived we had a opening and we ate. I dished on my plate some pasta and hot chips. I went and sat next to my sister.  Once i ate the pasta it was like yuck as, it was disgusting. Later on we sang Happy Birthday and Tai received his special 21st Key.

So that was a fun occasion that i enjoyed in the Holiday’s.


  1. It sounds like you had so much fun shopping for costumes. There's a Look Sharp shop on Lunn Ave that has some amazing costumes. I love Genghis Khan, they have yummy pancakes.

  2. Yeah kind of fun shopping and also frustrating. Yes Gengy's pancakes and ice cream i love so much

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